DOCs are given a maximum of 60 days starting from the date of purchase to return re-saleable products to the Company provided that the goods are unused, re-saleable, still available in the current line, and have a minimum of fourteen (14) months before the expiry date (NOTE: DOCs are required to sell their stocks via a FIRST IN FIRST OUT basis). All Returns must be backed by their Tax Invoice to verify the purchase. All Returns must be done via the same channel which the goods were being distributed in.

DOCs are given a seven (7) day cooling-off period (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) to cancel any purchase transactions with a full refund following reasonable commercial terms.

Returns in the form of goods exchange have to comply the following terms and conditions:

  1. Goods exchanged for a different product must have a value that is equivalent or more than the value of the returned goods. Returning goods will be valued the same as the original purchase price as indicated on the Tax Invoice.

  2. A full refund will be given if no bonus (es) were paid on the goods. i.e. if the goods were returned after the bonus (es) have been paid, then the refund value will be equivalent to the original purchase value minus the maximum bonus paid.

Should DOCs return/exchange any product or terminate their Ownerships, it will affect the respective commission qualifications. The company reserves the right to debit any commission earnings, prevailing processing fees and the value of the reward (s) from the DOCs commission subject to the Goods Return Policy of the Company.

All costs incurred in returning of goods will be borne by the DOCs.