Sacha Inchi Original Ecological Cultivation

Sacha Inchi Original Ecological Cultivation

Inchaway currently has approximately 2,000 acres of Sacha Inchi plantation, and to ensure its quality growth, we are stern in an assurance that the plantation is nearly free of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Meanwhile, the plantation is managed by a Taiwanese professional, who equipped with many years of experience in agricultural planting.

A Different Journey

People are always busy in this fast-changing society, living in a material world makes us forgetting where do we originally came from – the earth, and forgetting to nourish the root of our lives. During the trip, we are touched by the innocent children and honest farmers, everyone of them has reminded us to be grateful to what we often took it for granted – the nature.


Inchaway was born because of this magical fruit – Sacha Inchi, and Sacha Inchi was valued because of us. We truly believe, Inchaway was blessed and we have been given a strong foundation by the nature, each drop of the pure Sacha Inchi Oil will help people to improve their body functions and to live a healthier life.


Laos Plantation 2019 Video